Pinpoint unsightly graffiti using our Geo-tagging system which marks exactly where the problem is and sends it automatically to the local authority responsible

Report Litter

Use ReportAll to alert the councils of litter hotspots. With your data we can make all our town and cities a tidier place to live and work.

Gorse Fire

Help the fire service find exact locations of gorse fires. By using ReportAll you can send images and additional notes with your report.   

Water Leak

 Report exact locations of Water Leaks or floods so the authoritys can find and fix the incident without delay

Top Features

For Councils/Public Bodies

Use the power of the public to help improve our day to day lives.
With figures showing that a third of all adults and half of all teenagers have smartphones, now is the perfect time to use this technology to enhance how faults are reported.

Our backend system will allow each Council/Public Body to login and see the incidents that are appropriate to them. If the incident is out of their remit the job can be assigned back to the central database or to the person responsible.

We can also send the jobs directly into your CRM systems via an API.

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