Pinpoint unsightly graffiti using our Geo-tagging system which marks exactly where the problem is and sends it automatically to the local authority responsible

Report Litter

Use ReportAll to alert the councils of litter hotspots. With your data we can make all our town and cities a tidier place to live and work.

Gorse Fire

Help the fire service find exact locations of gorse fires. By using ReportAll you can send images and additional notes with your report.   

Water Leak

 Report exact locations of Water Leaks or floods so the authoritys can find and fix the incident without delay

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For the General Public

Most people have come across a problem that they would like to report but don't what number to ring  or know who to contact about it. Well now you do.

By using Reportall, the general public will be able to report a vast array of problems and they will automatically be sent to the appropriate authority.

Each report will contain a Geo-Tagged location of the incident and optional photo and notes.

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