Pinpoint unsightly graffiti using our Geo-tagging system which marks exactly where the problem is and sends it automatically to the local authority responsible

Report Litter

Use ReportAll to alert the councils of litter hotspots. With your data we can make all our town and cities a tidier place to live and work.

Gorse Fire

Help the fire service find exact locations of gorse fires. By using ReportAll you can send images and additional notes with your report.   

Water Leak

 Report exact locations of Water Leaks or floods so the authoritys can find and fix the incident without delay

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check the progress of incidents I have logged?

Yes, if you create an account and login using the Account settings on the app all your incidents will be stored online and you can check the  progress of them anytime via our website

How do I install?

The application can be installed from the Apple App store here: 

How do I use Reportall?

 Reportall is a very simple application. Just load the app and select the category and type of incident you want to report i.e. Roads/Pothole, Utilities/Water leak, Local Services/Litter.
If you have created an account and logged in on the app, the email address will be populated, if not you can manually enter your email address.
The map will drop a pin on your location and you can enter some details if you have time. You can click on the camera icon to take a picture of the incident to include with your report.

If your mobile reception is poor, Reportall will store your incident and send it when the signal improves.